Are you just buying a car for the first time? Wow, that’s very fitting. That means you must read these tips for buying a new car for beginners so you don’t lose.

Owning a private car is the dream of many people. Besides looking cooler, having a private car will also facilitate mobility, especially for families with many members in it.

For those of you who already have sustenance and now want to buy a your amazing car for the first time, congratulations! Finally, your dream will soon come true.

But, wait a minute. Before you decide to buy a new car, we will share some tips for buying a new car for beginners. Well so you don’t lose later.


Determine the Function of the Car First

Before deciding to buy a car, make sure you know your purpose in buying a car. Make sure the car you buy, functions according to your goals.

For example, if you want to buy a car that can accommodate many family members, it is clear that you need a car for your family with a larger and looser design. It’s different if you are single and like touring out of town with friends, maybe you can choose an SUV that has a high ground clearance.

Determine Price and Cost of Ownership

Now if you already know the type of car you want, now determine the price. Approximately how many million cars do you want to buy.

After knowing the price, don’t rush to the showroom. Risal first about the cost of ownership. Usually the cost of ownership is not only about the price of the parts, but also the annual tax.

Say you might be able to afford the car. But if the annual tax fee is equivalent to one time of your salary, what will your financial condition be like?

Choose Natural Color

You can choose a car with any color such as yellow, red, yellow, etc. Moreover, each color will reflect your personality.

But, actually the color of the car will affect the selling price of your car someday you know. There are quite a lot of fans of unique colors like yellow, red, pink, etc. in Indonesia. But when compared to natural colors like black, white, silver or gray, the fan base is much bigger. In addition, the selling price of neutral colored cars usually tends to be stable.

After Sales Service

One more thing you need to consider when buying a car for the first time is the automotive company’s repair shop network and after-sales service. An extensive network of workshops will help you when you need help with repairs or maintenance.

You need to know, usually luxury cars or premium class have a network of workshops that are narrower than cars in general.

As for after sales services, services that can be provided by automotive companies can be in the form of services from professional mechanics, convenience and flexibility in arranging car service schedules, etc.

What are the tips for buying a new car for beginners that we present? Simple and accurate, right? So, don’t choose the wrong car. Don’t just stick to the price. If from the start you have to race on the price, you will have the potential to buy the wrong car. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

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