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Pakistan Launches Pink Bus Service for Women in Hyderabad

The Pink Bus service was launched on 18 February in Hyderabad, providing travel facilities for women, a safe, fast, and efficient place to make their daily trips. The government started the Pink Bus Service initiative in Karachi in January 2023.

Hyderabad is the second city in Sindh where such transportation facilities would be available only to women.

Buses Designed for Women and the Environment

This new model of transport designed for women in Pakistan will help create more mobility. In addition, the environment will be cared for as these new buses are electric, which emit fewer pollutants. In addition to being comfortable, having automatic doors, air conditioning, and comfortable seats enables female passenger to travel smoothly to or from work.

Pakistan now has new opportunities to protect women and the environment, which makes it more development-oriented. In addition, this initiative will not only be implemented for women in the city, but also for female travelers from and to the provinces.

More Routes to Come

The idea of Pink buses was born in Karachi, operating between Model Colony and Tower, in addition to opening an expansion of routes in North Karachi to Korangi via Nagan Chowrangi, Shafiq Mor, Gulshan Chowrangi, Johar …

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